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01 — Who are we?


For several centuries, the Colloredo-Mannsfeld family of princes and counts has been one of the noblest aristocratic families in the country. Originally Thuringian (according to other authors Swabian), the Colloredo-Mannsfelds emerged from the anonymity of history as early as the start of the 11th century. At the beginning of the 13th century the family split into several branches. Like the Counts of Colloredo (the marquises di Santa Sofia e Recanati from Italy) and the Counts of Mels-Colloredo (who live in Italy and Austria), the branch of Colloredo-Waldsee has survived into the modern age. The German Mannsfeld family allegedly dates back to the middle of the 10th century.

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Colloredo-Mannsfeld - Zámek Dobříš
02 — What do we do?

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03 — How do we work?

Nature with lineage

In what condition are Czech forests today?

The state of Czech forests has deteriorated dramatically in recent years. This is mainly due to a lack of precipitation and accelerating climate change. Forests are weakened by drought and affected by many pests. The most harmful is the European spruce bark beetle, which has disrupted forest ecosystems across a large part of the territory of our republic.

What type of forests do we want?

The life-cycle of a forest is a long-term process. Today, we are trying to plan how the forests will look in a few decades. To a large extent we use the creative power of nature – the natural regeneration of the forest. It is also essential to respect the conditions of stands. For future generations we want to grow forests that are resilient, colourful, and prosperous.

Origin matters!

For forest regeneration, we mainly use the seedlings of woody plants that grow in our forest nurseries. Seeds are harvested from so-called recognized forest areas. These are the parts of the forest where the highest quality trees grow, well adapted to local natural conditions. Seeds from these populations give us an excellent basis for growing high-quality and healthy forests.

04 — Statistics


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