Timber Yard

The timber yard is located in Holoubkov behind the train station. It is equipped with a modern timber line with an electronic measurement and optimization programme. Part of the harvested or purchased timber passes through this line.

The wood mass here is handled according to the lengths and diameters matching customer requirements. Furthermore, we produce pulpwood and material used for producing garden palisades for the company Meco – Drev, which is based in the same complex. The produced assortments are either loaded onto train here or shipped by truck to target customers. The largest customers are Czech and foreign wood processing facilities, but we also support local wood processors.

Colloredo-Mannsfeld - manipulační sklad Holouvbkov


An essential part of the timber yard is the Firewood Production Centre. We produce coniferous and deciduous logs according to customer wishes in lengths of 25, 33, and 50 cm. We supply not only to the region, but also to foreign customers.

We offer chipped logs loosely dispersed or packed in netting on pallets. One pallet contains 1.6 cubic meters of bulk.

Firewood price list

We sell firewood in the following assortments:



  • 2m length
  • split logs (25, 33, and 50 cm)



  • 2 m length
  • split logs 1m length
  • chopped firewood (25, 33, and 50 cm)


  • chopped firewood (25, 33, and 50 cm)


  • 2 m length
  • chopped firewood (25, 33, and 50 cm)

Soft Deciduous firewood:


  • 2 m length

If you’re interested, we provide the option of transporting logs by IVECO truck, whose container has a capacity of 5 and 10 cubic meters of bulk material.


Timber Yard

Address: Holoubkov 340, 338 01 Holoubkov

Opening hours: Mo-Fri 6:00 – 14:30

Timber Yard Manager
Jiří Šindelář
Tel./Fax.: +420 371 751 160
Mob.: +420 725 941 542