Warehouse Manager: Jiří Šindelář
Address: Holoubkov 319, 338 01 Holoubkov
Phone and fax: +420 371 751 160
Mobile: +420 725 941 542

The handling store is located in Holoubkov beyond the train station and is equipped with modern timber and wood product handling equipment, including electronic devices to optimize timber yield. The majority of the company’s logged and purchased timber passes through this facility.

Both coniferous and deciduous logs are rough sawn here based on the dimensional requirements of the customers. The facility also produces wood pellets, wood fiber and poles for fencing and log buildings. Finished products are shipped out on delivery vehicles and trucks or sold directly to retail customers. The biggest buyers are foreign firms and cellulose producers in Štětí, however, we also support local wood processing firms.

An administration building nicknamed HEXAGON is the new pride of the handling store. It is a wood structure with a hexagon floor plan. The firm’s office, the office of Meco-Drev, a training room, intermediate storage rooms and an inspection room can be found there as well.

A firewood centre is a significant part of the handling store. Both soft and hardwood logs are produced from 0,25 m to 1 meter in length, freshly cut and dried. We supply firewood not only within the region but also for export.

Opening hours:
Mon - Fri       6:00am – 2:30pm

The following is a current price list of some of the most commonly purchased firewood available through the Holoubkov handling warehouse:


- 2 m length
- kindling

beech, oak:

- fire wood, 1m length
- kindling


- fire wood, 1m length
- kindling

All prices include VAT.
The kindling is produced either in bulk or wrapped in netting on pallets. Each palette contains a 1.6 cubic meter of loose material.
Based on a customer’s requirements, fire wood logs can be produced in lengths of 25, 30, 33, 40, 45 and 50 cm.


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