Forest District Manager: Ing. Vladimír Čížek
Address: Vlastec 24, 338 08 Zbiroh
Phone: +420 371 794 547 

Mobile: +420 602 691 890

The Vlastec Forest District covers an area of 4,391 hectares and it is located to the north of Zbiroh. The municipalities and towns of Žebrák, Hředle, Knížkovice, Kublov, Podmokly, Ostrovec, Lhotka, Drahoňův Ujezd, Jablečno, Líšná, Týček and Drozdov are located along the borders of the district.

The altitude of the district ranges from 300 m (Zbirožský Brook Valley) to 617 m above sea level (Těchovín).

The entire forest district belongs is part of the Czech Natural Forest Area 8 - Křivoklátsko and it is part of the Křivoklátsko Protected Landscape Area (PLA). In the PLA, the district has 1,093 hectares of Zone 1 forest with a natural beech and oak gene pool area of 392 hectares. Also included in the district are parts of the Kohoutov National Nature Reserve (30 ha) and the Lípa Nature Reserve (25 ha).

The basic management tasks of the district include compliance with the requirements and restrictions applicable to Protected Landscape Areas in the Czech Republic – which includes the stabilization of ecologically valuable sites, the use of natural forest regeneration and the protection of older deciduous trees and the respective game population (deer and mouflon).

The low profitability of forest management is closely related to the societal interest in preserving the natural values of this area.

show zhe Vlastec Forest District on map

Persons responsible for the individual forestry sections:

LÚ 01 Křižovatky
Forester: Tomáš Rejšek
Phone +420 378 605 509
Mobile: +420 739 566 553

LÚ 02 Kohoutov
Forester: Milan Ineman
Mobile: +420 739 413 558

LÚ 03 Ostrovec
Forester: Jiří Tláskal
Mobile: +420 724 264 527

LÚ 04 Hředle
Forester: Ing. Lenka Zusková
Mob.: +420 739 413 572


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