Department Head: Ing. Václav Plešmíd
Address: Švabínská 279, 338 08 Zbiroh 

Phone: +420 371 794 531 - 2 

Mobile: +420 725 095 355

For the transportation and handling of timber, we have a modern vehicle fleet and handling equipment. There are four round wood trucks of brands TATRA, Man, VOLVO and SCANIA. All are equipped with an Epsilon hydraulic arm and Doll trailers and are intended to carry shorter length materials – from 2 meters to full length.

We provide the transportation of harvested timber from forest pick-up locations and bring the material to either our own warehouse in Holoubkov or to the warehouses of our customers. We also provide contract work to other parties interested in the transportation of timber.

Our vehicle fleet also includes a Tatra T815 truck with an hydraulic arm mounted behind the cabin. This truck is designed for the transportation of flat timber products from 1 meter in length. We also have another Tatra 815 dump truck, which is used mainly for the repair of forest roads owned by our company. It is also used for the removal of loose soil and gravel type materials; and, by agreement, other parties can contract for the use of these vehicles.