Forest District Manager: Ing. Lukáš Slabý
Address: Lhota pod Radčem 27, 337 01 Rokycany 

Phone: +420 371 751 414 

Mobile: +420 724 307 567

The Lhota Forest District is over 3,928 hectares and it is in an area northeast from Rokycany and southwest of Zbiroh. Along the borders of the district are the towns and municipalities of Volduchy, Osek, Březina, Sklenná Huť, Skomelno, Sebečice, Drahoňův Ujezd, Zbiroh, Kařez and Těškov. The altitude of the district ranges from 370 m above sea level (the Zbirožský Brook Valley) to 721 meters at Mount Radeč, the dominant geographic feature of the region. The majority of the district lies within the Radeč National Nature Reserve, with a smaller portion in the Křivoklátsko Protected Landscape Area (PLA). The Rumpál Natural Monument is an attraction in the eastern part of the district.

The larger part of the forest district belongs to the Czech Natural Forest Area 7 – the Brdy Highlands, with a smaller northern part belonging to Natural Forest Area 8 - Křivoklátsko. Spruce is the dominant tree species in the middle elevations of the forest and the most commonly represented soil types are HS 43, followed by HS 45, 47 and 41.

Most of the forested area here is dominated by spruce, which is doing well in terms of growth. However, there are some areas of the forest, which are inconsistent in terms of tree age due to the impact of the Lymantria monacha (black arches) moth infestation of the 1920s.

In recent years, there has been a relatively high degree of random logging and there has also been some severe damage to trees due to wind. The goal of the company’s forest management is thus to increase overall log production through improved agroforestry practices – including species diversification, improved natural tree regeneration and replanting of young trees where needed.

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Persons responsible for the individual forestry sections:

LÚ 01 Těškov
Forester: Nikola Rýdl DiS.
Mob.: +420 731 151 643

LÚ 02 Sklená Huť
Forester: Ing. Jakub Hanzlík
Mob.: +420 725 501 303

LÚ 03 Habr
Forester: Jindřich Vokáč
Mob.: +420 724 096 412

LÚ 04 Chotětín
Forester: Jiří Zuska
Phone: +420 725 960 663


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